Magical Traditions

Magic, in the world of Valdyr, is divided into the primary elements: water, fire, and earth. Every magus and wizard that passes the Crucible must choose one the three schools to specialize in. Each has within it specialized schools that teach the advanced elements. Few are able to learn these rare elements, and even fewer master them.
- Fire is the magic of passion. It is the magic of knowledge and passion, and its advanced elements are ice and lightning.
- Water is the magic of change. They can use this to heal wounds and banish ailments, as well as trick the mind or poison the body of another. The advanced elements within this school are air and blood.
- Earth is the magic of stability. By drawing on the strength beneath them, they can destroy their enemies and ward their allies.
- There is a fourth school, one set apart from the others. It is the element of Void. It is the element without, and encompasses the unknown powers that some possess. It has no advanced elements and no defined tenets. Mages keep a close eye on those who fall within this mastery.

There are many schools in Valdyr that teach these elements, and each has a specific focus and philosophy. Each school is accredited by the Order of the Magi, but they compete for students and rarely agree on matters of course.

The Path of Fire
Fire is the wildest element, and is regarded as the most destructive. However, fire magic also empowers knowledge, passion, and learning. Emotions are ruled by the fire element, and there are many spells that affect them within this path.
- The Celestus school teaches that mastery of fire comes from mastery of the self, and that fires burns best when fueled by the purest emotions. Celestus mages are feared as powerful war-wizards, and have a reputation for short tempers. The school colors are brilliant reds and oranges, along with black as a secondary color.
- In the deep deserts of the south, the Lashti school teaches that fire comes from breath, and that fire is life. It grows and consumes, and must be respected lest it destroy its wielder. Its fires never burn as hot as the Celestus, but the allies of Auris mages never fear friendly fire. Light tans and reds make up the attire of these mages.
- The Rossus keep their school at the top of the highest mountain. They specialize in the element of ice. Many scoff at the idea of fire mages calling blizzards, but the Rossus understand that freezing something is simply removing all its heat. Their students are forced to keep bonfires alive for hours in the middle of snowstorms, and they are regarded as the hardiest fire mages in all of Valdyr. Their banners are light-gray and red, and their students dress to match.
- The Levik school are the pre-eminent masters of Lightning, and they put it to use. Always pushing the boundaries of magical research, they believe that magical progress is paramount. Their masters emphasize logic and detachment, allowing them to manipulate the wild lightning with ease. They favor a wardrobe of dark reds and royal blues.

The Path of Water
Water is the softest element, and fluidly changes itself. Much like a flowing river, the mages move energy within themselves and others to affect the natural world. Water magic is the least destructive, but holds within its scope healing, illusion, and transformation.

- The Siric school resides in eastern Valdyr, and espouses the healing arts of water magic. By bending the flows of energy within a body, the Siric heal wounds, tend diseases, and claim to be able to draw someone back from the Summerlands. They dress simply in blue and white.
- The Soshyn mages are rare in that their apprentices are required to spend a few years as part of the navy, learning to sail and survive. They believe that the best teacher is the ocean herself, and that a few years abroad make a man hardy and wise. Their ships fly flags of blue and sea-green. They also have the greatest command of the raw forces of the ocean. Anyone who has faced down a Soshyn mage knows not to doubt their fury.
- Andrigal was a wizard who believed that the body was made of more than the three pure elements, and he set himself to the task of understanding how it works. As he studied, he found new ways to apply his findings to his magic. He opened a school, and formalized the study of Blood. Andrigal’s students have a great command of the workings of the body, something few others can boast. They dress in the deepest blue, with tracings of indigo and dark red.
- The Anamar are cunning tricksters, master of the element of Air. Their illusion magic is second-to-none, and they have begun spreading Teleportation Circles (something they claim to have invented) to every corner of Valdyr. They follow a philosophy of least disturbance; the less change afflicted upon the world, the better off it is. They believe that tricking the mind uses much less energy than actually affecting the world, and they strive to use as little magic as possible.

Magical Traditions

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