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House Venn
House Lassiter
House Orrenti
House Pendiclaw
House Rayncliff
House Mako
House Anderhoff

House Venn
Minor Families:
- The Lashti are the remnants of the Celestus after they left to join House Lassiter. They are desert hunters and powerful warriors, but their true skill lies in their brand of Fire magic.
- The Immarel family is a line of Eladrin that have sworn fealty to House Venn, and teach a particular style of twin-blade fighting. They believe in merit, and will teach anyone who can prove themselves.
- The Amari “family” is actually a monastic order, whose members are the enigmatic tattooed monks.
Magic schools:
- The Lashti school of fire mages are the premier Venn wizards. Their school lies deep within the golden sands of the south.

Fighting Styles:
- The Immarel teach the Steel Hydra style, which focuses on the use of two-blades in tandem. There are many who take up their tutelage to master this esoteric style. Their school lies on the edge of Venn territory, in the forests to the northeast.
- The Lashti are masters of battling the predators of the desert, and the Desert Wind style they practice is based on the movements of those predators. Lightly armored and wielding the curved scimitar, they dance around their enemies like sand in the wind.
- The holdings of house Venn lie in the desert to the southwest, and the surrounding forests.

House Lassiter
Minor Families:
- The Ghedrin
- The Celestus
- The Cyprio

House Information

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